The pre-design phase gives us the opportunity to get to know you and to begin to understand your preferences, which will aid in identifying the scope of your project.

These preliminary discussions will help clarify your functional needs as well as your aesthetic preferences. In addition, we will analyze your subject property and start developing a strategy as how to best approach the design.


Every building site has its own character, highlights, and challenges. It is often important to complete an extensive site examination to ensure that any and all variables are accounted for, establishing a more seamless design process.

Site orientation, views, and neighbouring homes can often affect the ultimate design of your home.


Upon a mutual agreement being reached, a full design meeting is scheduled. This is when all personal requirements are discussed in detail. We will spend time establishing how the home will be utilized, your personal tastes, as well as industry trends. As your input is important to the design process, this meeting is your opportunity to present us with your ‘wish list’.

The more informed we are about your likes and dislikes, the quicker we achieve a design that fits your unique style.


When you are completely satisfied with the preliminary design, we will then move forward on the finalization of the construction drawings.
This step involves inputting all the technical elements of the plan. Thereafter, the plans are sent to a structural engineer who will complete a brief review.


Once the engineer returns the plans, a permit application is made to the city authorities in question. This can sometimes be an intimidating process for clients. If a builder has been hired at this point, we recommend that the builder apply for the permit. If a builder has not yet been hired, we are here to help guide you through this process.
We work immensely hard to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the City’s plan review.


Upon completion of the plan review, a building permit will be issued for your project which means that construction can begin.

With your project finally coming to life, Western View Home Design remains dedicated to helping you and your builder complete your dream home. From technical questions to on-site changes, we are available to provide expertise and post-design assistance throughout the building phase.

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